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We OFFM’s established in the year 2015, have been manufacturing, exporting and trading a quality range of Tender Coconut Water Vending Machines, importing tender coconuts, vending counters & kiosks to our clients. We are customer friendly, so are our products and concepts as we have tried and tested them not just from a manufacturer’s perspective but also from an end user perspective, which gives our end users and clients a very good commercial success value. Our fresh and unique products and concepts are visually appealing and at the same time robust in construction as we have constantly evolved ourselves with best engineering practices and regular R&D. Furthermore, we procure our raw materials from reputed vendor base, so that we use the best not the cheapest and we process our products in a well equipped manufacturing unit, which is looked after by experienced engineers and technicians. We have gained a wide clientele across the globe with the assistance of our team that includes Indian Subcontinent and Middle East.

Our Story

OFFM’s Creating quality products that make your life easier – tender coconut water vending machine

Two Tender Coconut Water Vending Machine

Tender coconut water vending machine, Finally the original and fresh tender coconut water with its natural taste and flavour has reached the market. Shri. Vinod, an young energetic entrepreneur from Kottarakkara, Kerala is producing and marketing the ready to drink tender coconut water. Vinod is procuring fresh tender coconuts directly from gardens from Kerala and Pollachi and is brought to his mechanized processing plant in Alwaye. The ready to drink product named Two is sold in Kochi and nearby areas.

“Tender coconut marketing is one of the most challenging professions according to me. Many brands of tender coconuts are now available in the market. But most of them are pasteurized, added chemical preservatives and is sold in plastic bottles or tetra packs. The problem with most of these brands is that they lack the real taste. The water may not lose its nutrients but during processing, it loses its natural taste. The only advantage is that it can be consumed directly from the sachets or bottles”

– Vinod – Founder & Director

More modern technologies like spray dried technology are also available in tender coconut processing. Some companies are using this technology and is producing spray dried tender coconut powder which is sold in sachets. This powder can be dissolved in water to make the drink. Since this product is using some preservatives, the product is having a longer shelf life. In both these technologies, the consumer doesn’t get the real taste of the tender coconut water. All the products lose its natural taste and flavour when it undergoes processing. It further loses its taste if it is from different variety tender coconuts from different gardens The Two brand is using an entirely different technology for processing the tender coconuts – tender coconut water vending machine . Vinod purchases tender coconut from Pollachi and is brought to his unit at Alwaye.

Since all the nuts are also of the same maturity, Vinod is able to produce the same quality drink. The nuts are kept in 60o C and are brought to the plant in 18 hours. The nuts are immediately washed and are cut using the slicer machine. The nut then passes through the conveyor belts and through a modern extraction technology the water is filtered and is stored in the sterilized main steel container. The drink is again UV filtered and freezed at 8oC and is stored in refill tanks. The product is then stored in the Two chillers kept in various bakeries and hotels. The product is given to the customer in 200 ml glasses @ Rs. 40. Two tender coconut water is having a shelf life of three or four days or 100 hours. The taste of the drink may change after this period. Hence the company takes backs the drink after this period and is producing coconut jelly which is sold @ Rs. 66 per 300 gm jelly. The customer will also be given 100gm tender coconut kernel free along with a glass of tender coconut water. The product is packed in very good quality plastic container.

The technology of Two is solely developed by Vinod himself. The plant, chiller, steel container etc are designed and developed by Vinod himself. His wife, a chemistry graduate is also helping him in his ventures. This mechanical engineer had initially planned to sell milk through wending machines. But since it was not found to be feasible, he dropped the idea and turned to tender coconut. He made some modifications to the plant and chiller he had developed for milk processing. He further made a detailed study on the pros and corns of tender coconut production and marketing. He visited many tender coconut gardens, had detailed discussion with farmers and ensured the availability of tender coconut. Initially Vinod plans to install 100 machines in and around Kochi. Tender coconut water will be made available in four liter tanks. The tender coconut water vending machine will be installed in leading bakeries and hotels. These machines will be cleaned in every twenty four hours using hot water and sodium hypochlorite. This will be done manually. He has already installed around 50 machines in places like Lulu mall, Info Park, Airport etc

Two Tender Coconut Water Vending Machine

He has installed GSM controlled real time sales system software in all the machines. The customer will receive 200 ml tender coconut water by swiping the special card given to the shop owner. The information will be simultaneously recorded in the master compute kept in the plant. This enables Vinod to keep himself updated of the stock in various centers. In the long run Vinod wishes to install 500 machines in each district. Across India 15000 machines will be installed which will have the capacity to sell 50000 liter tender coconut water per day. Vinod can be contacted @ 9526494595