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“TWO” (Tendercoconut Organic Water) is 100% of pure, organic coconut which are not processed by heat or HPP and no add preservatives or Sugar. Our products use new technology which is multi-level Ultraviolet light filtration processes which is different from other products in market. First, the coconut will pass through modern extraction technology, where water is filtered and stored in a container that has been sterilized by first stage of UV and still has to go through multi-level UV filtration processes until stored in a container which is kept at 8°C. This product will be distributed to the dispensers in the market. The most important thing we provide cold temperature vending units that are very safe to keep fresh coconut water with Its original taste. Customers can drink directly from the dispenser in a cool and fresh condition without losing its original taste. Our product “TWO” has a shelf life of only 15 days because we do not do any pasteurization process or adding preservatives.

This Product of ours gives a good opportunity to entrepreneurial people interested in self employment to run their own business in single or multiple locations. Tender Coconut Water Vending Machine is a Hand crafted, uniquely designed to provide you with  chilled coconut water which is 100% natural.Two tender coconut water vending machine allows you to serve chilled coconut water by easily opening tender coconuts with the stainless steel cutter  attached to it. You will be also be provided with a storage can. The Two tender coconut water vending machine can be placed both in indoor and outdoor locations like shopping malls, parks, cinema theatres, near schools, colleges, beaches etc.

Shelf Life 15 days
Ingredients Tender coconut water
Item Form Instant
Special Features No preservatives, No artificial flavors and colours.
Storage instructions Store in a cool dry place.


Basically natural tender coconut water only lasts no more than 4 hours after it is opened from its shell, due to the possibility of being contaminate with psychrophilic microbes. The biggest problem with coconut water that has been marketed with certain brands are that they do not have the real taste. This is because most coconut water products have been pasteurized. ‘Ultra High Temperature Pasteurization” which literally means it has been cook. with a very high temperature to kill bacteria and increase the shelf life. It has been shown that heat also destroys some of the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients and also denatures enzymes stripping its benefits and much of its flavor. Some product even adding sugar, preservatives and flavoring agents. Moreover some coconut water products are sold in packs without going through any process where coconut water is taken directly from the coconut shell and packaged in a bottle. They are marketed for a period of 15 days shelf life, where in fact coconut water can only last a maximum of 4 hours.

Two Tender Coconut Water Vending Machine


The Tender Coconuts are immediately washed and are cut using the slicer machine, tender coconut water vending machine . The nut then passes through the conveyor belts and through a modern extraction technology. The water is filtered and is stored in the sterilized main steel container. The drink is again UV filtered and freezed at 8oC and is stored in refill tanks. The product is then stored in the Two chillers kept in various bakeries and hotels. The product is given to the customer in 200ml glasses @ Rs.40. Two tender coconut water is having a shelf life of 15 days. The taste of the drink may change after this period. Hence the company takes backs the drink after this period and is producing coconut jelly which is sold @ Rs.66 per 300gm jelly.


Organic certification is the only way to verify that the coconuts are never irradiated and are produced without genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Organic certification confirms food is produced without the use of persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or sewage sludge. These substances contribute to soil degradation and ocean dead zones. We form partnerships with communities that value quality and organic farming practices rooted in our attention to long-term growth. We help certify farmers who convert to organic farming methods to create healthier environments with less chemical fertilizers and pesticides and provide communities with stable employment and steady incomes.

Two Tender Coconut Water Vending Machine