We here at the Two Coconut Water love our coconut water. It tastes great, cools you down after sport or in hot weather and you can use it in so many different ways; from smoothies to muesli to shakes. But if we can be serious for a minute, coconut water has great health benefits too.

Today we look at 5 fast facts about coconut water and its benefits to you!

Low in Calories

Compared to your average sports drink, coconut water has a lot less calories, 45 per serving than those loaded with unwanted sugars. Make the switch to GoCoco and you’ll feel the difference.

Potassium Power

You need potassium to help your brain and nervous system work properly and one serving of coconut water can help you get 13% of your daily requirement. Stay on top of things and keep your wits about you.


Coconut water contains high concentrations of fibre and this will help to prevent indigestion and reduce acid reflux. Sure, it’s not most glamorous of benefits, but its an important one!

Low Glycaemic

It is estimated that coconut water has a glycaemic load of just 3. This is a big different against drinks with sugar in them that would cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

A Potential Curer

Over indulged? GoCoco can replace the much needed electrolytes that your body needs to recover from dehydration and it can settle the stomach too. Get back to your best quicker!

We know many people use GoCoco for different reasons? Tweet us your favourite use for the product and let us know!